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Productive development in Jalapa de Díaz through the artisanal embroidery technique

We invite you to know our history :

   Desarrollo productivo en Jalapa de Díaz a través de la técnica artesanal de bordado   

The current marketing system, faced with the high influence of globalization and the undervaluation of local brands, does not allow the economic and productive development of the tertiary sector in terms of art and clothing trade. In some regions of the country, the family economy depends entirely on the mother, who generates all of her income through the manufacture and sale of handicrafts. These products are purchased at very low prices in relation to their cost of production, distribution, etc. Increasing levels of poverty in said sector of the population.



















The project "Program to increase income from sales through the increase in the productive and commercial capacity of communities that produce traditional textile crafts in Mexico" specifically seeks to increase the income of families in a state of moderate to extreme poverty in which the mother is textile artisan producer and practically, 100% of the family income comes from the sale of articles of this nature.


This social project seeks to promote a better quality of life for mothers of families dedicated to the production and commercialization of handicraft textile products in the communities of La Chuparrosa, La Montaña and La Central , in the municipality of Jalapa de Díaz, Oaxaca. Communities considered in a state of vulnerability due to the level of poverty and whose income is not sufficient to maintain an adequate level of well-being as a consequence of the undervaluation of artisan products in the national and international market

In general, the work model that is contemplated is based on the following methodology:


1. Identification of needs and opportunities based on demographic analysis.


2. Development of the action plan in collaboration with commercial institutions with a focus on development and execution of projects to create shared value.


3. Application of productive, economic and personal improvement workshops in the chosen communities.


4. Supervision of production in terms of sales volume agreed with strategic allies.


5. Development of communication plan and management of public relations on an ongoing basis.


6. Final exhibition on the occasion of sale.


The name "Bordados con Alma Mazateca" is through which the artisans of the communities of Jalapa de Díaz come together and develop their work during 2015.

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