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"We continue working in the art of weaving"


The Mexican textile tradition is one of the biggest parts of our country’s heritage.

Sadly, through the years we’ve been losing this tradition.

At Hilando Arte Foundation, we try to preserve and display the Mexican textile techniques to promote our cultural identity through fair trade.

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We believe each garment has a story to tell and trust you can help us tell it.

This is why we seek to recover it!


Our Mission

Our Vision

To spread and promote within Mexico and the rest of the world the culture, the work and the fine textile pieces elaborated by Mexican artisans, and through the preservation of the techniques used for the elaboration these pieces provide means for the artisans to improve their quality of life.

To achieve the momentum and to generate success outside of Mexico for artisans of at least 10 Mexican communities.


Rescue, preserve and display artisan’s techniques and materials

To showcase a dignifying and competitive image of our artisans and their work

Offer different options that will allow the artisan to put their products in the market

To provide the needed business assessment and support to make the commercialization process easier for the artisans

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